Back Alley Scooter Rally Details:

Sunday July 23rd 2023

Scroll down for rules

Price: $65

How the Rally Works:

-Ride solo or with friends along a pre-programmed GPS Route using your Android or Apple Phone. Must have an active data plan to navigate the event.

-Follow the GPS route to the end and solve the mystery clue that leads you to a barcode sign. Scan it into the BikeGPX App on your phone and activate the next route to continue your journey. You will be given a Mystery Clue sheet upon your departure at the starting line.

-Stop anywhere you please for breaks, sightseeing or lunch. There is no rush to finish the rally. It’s not a race.

-Take photos and videos throughout the day and post them on your social media sites tagging #backalleyscooterrally and receive bonus prize points-Complete all 4 routes and cross the finish line for chances to win prizes and awards.

-Donate or help raise money towards the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. This will help you receive bonus points for prizes and help cure Paralysis. The more you donate, this increases your chance to win more prizes.

-Any other event details will be emailed to you as the event approaches.

What’s included in your entry fee?

-Entry to the event
-Event T-shirt
-Free Sparkplug morning coffee
-Finish line after-party snacks and refreshments
-2 complimentary door prize tickets
-Support Truck and trailer for breakdowns.

Back Alley Scootter Rally Rules:

-Follow the rules of the road at all times

-If sidewalk transport is needed, you must walk your scooter with the engine off until to return to a road way or Alley.

-Pull over to operate your phone when changing GPS routes or scanning through them.

-Keep the mystery answers to yourself! Remember you are in competition with everyone else for prizes you want to win!

-Your Scooter or Motorcycle must be Insured and plated to take part in this event.

-Scooter sizes eligible to enter the rally are between the engine sizes of 49cc to 300cc

-Motorcycle sizes eligible to enter the rally are between the engine sizes of 49cc to 200cc

-Short cuts to route end points are highly discouraged. Our team has spent lots of time putting together a great ride and a safe one. Please follow the prescribed routes.

-You must attend the Riders Meeting the morning of the event before you start. Important information and last minute updates to the ride will be announced.

-Don’t be that guy! You know, the one that annoys the heck out of everyone with their bad scooter riding habits.